Workshop – Railcars (3D Printing)

In the past I have collected and adapted quite a few models to make them suitable for 3D printing, which I find a great way to improve the hobby and expand my fleet of rolling stock. Below you can find updated renderings of most of the cars I made (or adapted) and 3D printed over the years. With more to come.

64ft Trinity Reefer (AAR MD „RPB“)

64ft Trinity Reefer
3D Printed 64ft Trinity Reefer Prototype

62ft Woodchip Gondola

Prototype length 62ft (18,9 m), in HO Scale 21,72 cm.

63ft Woodchip Car in new BCN „Lit Sky Blue“ Colour Scheme (RAL 5012)

This car has a build report (in German, sorry)

60ft Hawker-Siddely Woodchip Car (WIP)

Prototype length 60ft (18,29 m), in HO Scale 21,02 cm

63ft Bulkhead Flatcar with „Log-Bunks“

Prototype length 63ft (19,2 m), in HO Scale 22,07 cm

54ft PS2 „High Side“ Covered Hopper

Prototype length 54ft (16,46 m), in HO Scale 18,92 cm

This model was entirely modeled by me in Blender using the corresponding Proto2000 HO scale model for reference and measurements and features brake details, fine scale ladders and grab irons as well as some nuts and bolt details. The design cost me the better part of two weeks modeling, some 50 hours in total.

This model has some commercial quality, so the STL file will not be available, I’m afraid.

60ft NSC HiCube Box Car

Prototype length 60ft (18,29 m), in HO Scale 21,02 cm

Screenshot from Trainz RR Sim

Model by

50ft Bulkhead Flatcar

Prototype length 50ft (15,24 m), in HO Scale 17,52 cm

This car also has a build report (in German, sorry)

62ft Skeleton Logcar (WIP)

Prototype length 62ft (18,9m), in HO Scale 21,72 cm

62ft NSC Bulkhead Flatcar (WIP)

Prototype length 62ft (18,9 m), in HO Scale 21,72 cm

60ft BH Flatcar (matching Roundhouse model)

Prototype length 60ft (18,29 m), in HO Scale 21,02 cm

50ft Jordan Spreader (Type 2)

Prototype length 50ft (15,24 m), in HO Scale 17,52 cm

40ft Snow Plow

Prototype length 40ft (12,19 m), in HO Scale 14,01 cm

73ft Centerbeam Flat Car

Prototype length 73ft (22,25 m), in HO Scale 25,57 cm.

New renderings will follow shortly

60ft Hawker-Siddley Woodchip Car

My ressources are primarily from 3D Warehouse, even though None of the Models comes 3d printable.


Rail Car Cheat Sheet

Table with Car length in feet, meter and HO-Scale centimetres. This is not meant to be complete, just to reflect the cars I own, or plan to make.

FeetMeterHO-Scale (cm)Info
40 ft12,19 m14,01 cmOre/Cement Hoppers, OldTimer Carls & MOW Equipmen
50 ft15,24 m17,52 cmTHE generic car length
52 ft15,85 m18,22 cmFlat Car, Gondola, BH-Flat Car, Box Car
52 ft 6 in16,00 m18,39 cmBox Car
54 ft16,46 m18,92 cm54ft Pulpwood Flat Cars, 54ft Ribside Covered Hopper, 23000gal Funnel-Flow Tank Car
56 ft17,07 m19,62 cm56ft General Service Tank Car
57 ft17,37 m19,97 cm57ft Trinity 3-Unit Spine Car, 57ft Mechanical Refrigerator
58 ft17,68 m20,32 cmEvans Cvrd Hopper
59 ft17,98 m20,67 cm59ft 4550 Cu. Ft. Cylindrical Covered Hopper
60 ft18,29 m21,02 cmBox Car, Flat Car, Woodchip Car Hawker Siddley/Railwest
61 ft18,59 m21,37 cm61ft Bulkhead Flat Car Gunderson
62 ft18,90 m21,72 cm62ft Bulkhead Flat Car Marine Industries, Greenbrier
63 ft19,20 m22,07 cm63ft 70 Ton Log Car, 63ft smooth side Woodchip Car FMC, NCS and Pacific Car & Foundry, CP Pulpwood FlatCars (BH FLat w Double Stakes), CN/CP TOFC Flatcars
64 ft19,51 m22,42 cmFlat Car
65 ft19,81 m22,77 cmFlat Car
66 ft20,12 m23,12 cmBH-Flat Car
67 ft20,42 m23,47 cmTrinity 6351 4-Bay Covered Hopper (Pellet Hopper)
68 ft20,73 m23,82 cmRailGon Gondola, 68Ft Short Bulkhead Flatcar, TTX Std. BH Flat (62ft between Bulkheads), 68ft Wood-Deck Flat Car
69 ft21,03 m24,17 cmShort Bulkhead Flat Car (TX), Gunbderson All Purpose Husky Stack Well Car
70 ft21,34 m24,52 cmThrall Double Stack Well Car (5-Unit-Sets)
71 ft21,64 m24,87 cmMarine Ind. BH Flatcar (removable Centerbeam)
72 ft21,95 m25,22 cmCB-Flat Car
73 ft22,25 m25,58 cmCB-Flat Car
WheelsProto (cm)HO Scale (mm)Info
33in83,82 cm9,63 mm9,5 mm will do
36in91,44 mm10,51 mm10,5 mm will do