BCN-Models No.007 Coupler (Out of Production/Stock)

The No.7 Coupler is similar to the No.006 in feature design and also designed to fit into n-scale trucks with Rapido style couplers. Just make sure the coil spring remains available, as it is needed to steady the coupler parts.
However in comparison to the No.006 Coupler above it features a higher wall thickness to comply (mostly) with the 3d printing requirements of (our current prototype manufacturer).
As with the other types, the hole in the knuckle section allows for insertion of a magnetized 0.3-0.4 mm spring hardened steel wire that can be used for magnetic uncoupling. However we’re planning for and just testing an uncoupling pick that will be produced via too.

The 10-Pack offers 10 pairs of couplers for a total of 20 single couplers. Estimated price will be around 7,95 EUR via Shapeways Shop (plus shipping).