Workshop – More Layout Planning

There are always things to reconsider on a track plan. This time, it’s the Northern Wheat grain facility, I squeezed into the curve in the centre of the layout (see track plan below).

BC Northern Ry. Track Plan

In order to reduce the bulk of tracks from 5-6 on the left side – which will be inaccessible whenever a barge or ship is moored at the dock – to perhaps four total. I can’t have an industry blocking the yard lead area. So, the grain facility shares its property with the Stewart Bulk Terminals on the lower edge of the trackplan, where I consider widening the shelf a few centimetres.

I’ll begin drawing changes into the plan soon, updating the Trainz Sim layout on the way, too.

Even though BC Northern Marine runs a high capacity business in BC, barge operations are not the main focus of the layout.