BCNorthern SD20 (2000hp)

BCNorthern acquired two SD20 locomotives and upgraded these to Dash-3 specs for light road duty and heavy switching duty on the Skeena Division. The following photo shows the locomotive after the rebuilds still on her Illinois Central Gulf livery. There is a much better illustration unter this link, in Cargill livery for which the original photographer reserved all rights. So please visit the link to see the album on Flickr.

This image also found in the header or title by Gary Todd, found on Flickr is in the Public Domain and shows the rebuild engines in their ICG livery. So this is where the following two models are going to end up, when I rebuild them myself in the future. This will be based on self modeled shells on their original Atlas and Proto2000 frames.

BCNorthern SD7 (1750 hp)

Along with BC Northern SD24 (2400 HP), these Models will be rebuilt into „former“ Indiana Harbour Belt or Illinois Central Gulf SD-20 (2000 HP, EMD Classic Spartan Cab with slanted sides, different and modern tank design), byutilizing self-designed and 3D printed parts.
The SD20 is the product of a rebuilding program by the Illinois Central Gulf’s Paducah Shops as a conversion from the EMD SD7, EMD SD24, SD24B (cabless), and EMD SD35 locomotives. The program involved rebuilding the 567 engine to 645E with 2000 horsepower rating, eliminating the turbocharger if equipped with one, upgrading the electronics to Dash 2 technology, and adding cabs to the B units. A total of 42 units were rebuilt. Original heritage of the rebuilt units was 3 Union Pacific SD7s, 4 Union Pacific SD24s, 10 Union Pacific SD24Bs, 21 Southern SD24s, and 4 Baltimore and Ohio SD35s. Many of the units to be rebuilt were purchased from Precision National. Three of the ex-Southern SD24s wore Precision reporting marks. The locomotives were rebuilt between August 1979 and December 1982. Road Numbers assigned were 2000–2041. Unit 2041 was the last Paducah rebuild.
Quelle: WikipediaWikipedia
These Engines will be used to switch yards and branch lines, next to BCNs three ex CN GP9rm and ex CP GP9u.
Road Numbers will be adapted accordingly.
20o0 through 2009 SD-20
2040 through 2049 GP38-2W
1800 through 1809 GP9rm and GP9u* (in discussion with the board)
BC Northern Rail designates their engines after a pattern. The First two numbers represent the horse power rating of the engine, the 3rd & 4th number represent model (if applicable) and actual number. Every 500 HP opens a new number Block. For example:
05 Engines up to 500hp
10 Engines up to 1000hp
15 Engines up to 1500hp
20 Engines up to 2000hp
etc. up to 4000hp
Here BCN deviates from the pattern with 44 for 4400hp.