Workshop – Supply & Cold Storage Warehouse & 64ft Trinity Reefer

BCNX or BC Northern Express is the trucking subsidiary of my freelanced BC Northern Railway. It contracts mostly owner operators to supply various commodities to remote communities in the north. On my layout – which depicts the fictional rail terminus Stewart, BC – a large Supply & Cold Storage warehouse is served by rail and trucks alike. The inside track handles climate sensitive breakbulk cargo and refrigerated goods. Its single inside track is roughly devided into a 75 foot cold storage comparment and a roughly 125 foot general cargo compartment. There is a climate lock between those two and the reefer dock itself is separated from the main reefer warehouse by a curtain wall during switching operations, as well as a rolling gate on both ends. The warehouse usually handles 50 ft or 60ft box cars (both standard and high cube), as well as common 70ft Gunderson reefers (Walthers model) or 64ft Trinity reefers, (ExactRail model), like the 3D printable one I designed, shown on the next photo/image.

BC Northern Express 64ft Trinity Reefer

The Warehouse will become a backdrop structure in such sense, that it is cut or intersected by the backdrop somewhat diagonally. The following screen shot taken from the virtual layout will show how its footprint will likely look like. It will be adapted to the actually available space of course.

General footprint of the building

It will however occupy an outside corner section of the layout and thus have an L-shaped backdrop wall. Taking the screenshot above I’ll cut the pieces that won’t be actually modelled for a better grasp of the concept.

Actual footprint of building shown here. two box cars and one reefer shown for size comparison only.

On the actual Layout the warehouse and the corner wall will be a bit more to the right, or the curved tracks further to the left, but for the purpose of biulding or designing the warehouse this illustration should suffice.