Workshop – 3D printed shelf brackets

In order to stabilise some sections of benchwork covered in 5/8in Foam Board, I needed a way to stabilize the material to prevend sagging. A quick and hopefully feasible solution were a bunch of shelf brackets designed in Blender and printed on my FDM printers. Six of the small brackets fit my MonopriceSelct mini v2 and at least nine fit my Sovol SV05 3D printer. Both batche took about 2 hours and voila, new building material arrived even though it’S sunday afternoon. I really love how 3D printing supports my hobby.

3D printed brackets. 160mm and 120mm

The first iteration shown in the photo had a design flaw. Its 6,5mm gap was too narrow for the screws and drill bit I intended to use. The next batch will be printed with an 10,5mm gap, to fit the 10mm drill bit holder for use with my Makita HP488D cordless screwdriver.

I can still use the failed batch with smaller screws and a manual screwdriver, so it’s not a total waste of time and material.