BC Northern Models – Superdetailing Parts

3D Printed Resin Detail Parts have arrived. Upon request we will consider selling these on a small scale. However we would like to collect some interest first.

If you would like to aquire a piece or more of these fine parts, please send us an e-mail or use the online form that will be presented below in a few days to place an interest.

As soon as a significant number of potential orders have accumulated we will think twice at which scale we will be abke to wotk on this and get in touch with you to ask for and describe further details.

Placing an interest here will require some personal information like for example a real name and plausible e-mail address or phone number. We will disregard any e-mail that looks like spam or fake.

Any personal information will be handled in accordance with EU laws and privacy requirements. Thus absolutely no sharing to third parties without prior agreement.

If you get the impression that we might have lost your submission, just drop us a line. We’ll sort that out. Promise.

Vintage Wooden Phone Box

These will probably be packs of 2 or more and will sell for a reasonabley low single digit price.

N-Scale Generic Snow Plow

The snow plows will likely come in pairs. Single and bulk packages will be considered.