Workshop: VIA Rail – Loco and Passenger Cars

The Skeena waiting at Meziadin Junction for its bi-weekly cruise to Steward, BC.
The „Bear River Explorer“ waiting at Meziadin Junction (Trainz T:ANE screenshot of my virtual layout)

Just a while ago, I decided to have at least some minimal passenger activity going on on my layout and I develloped the plan to model some variant of the train formerly known as „The Skeena“. Throughout most of the year this train consists only of a single F40PH, a couple of coaches and a dining or observation car. So I tried to get my hands on some suitable coaches, but failed to find any affordable cars on the German 2nd hand market. Being a „least cost afficionado“, importing the correct models was way out of the line. So I aquired two Southern Pacific cars that got a first layer of paint to match the VIA Rail scheme a bit better and I decided to recreate a VIA Rail Park Car for this train as a 3D-model. These will eventually form my fictional or freelanced „Bear River Explorer“ Train (Prince George to Stewart).

F40PH Locomotive

F40PH VIA Rail #6425

to do

VIA Rail Passenger Cars

VIA Rails Canada „Glacier Park“ Dome Sleeper



Roomette Bistro
Dome Sleeper
3D Printer Park Car