Workshop: VIA Rail – Loco and Passenger Cars

Just a while ago, I decided to have at least some minimal passenger activity going on on my layout and I develloped the plan to model some variant of the train formerly known as „The Skeena“. Throughout most of the year this train consists only of a single F40PH, a couple of coaches and a dining or observation car. So I tried to get my hands on some suitable coaches, but failed to find any affordable cars on the German 2nd hand market. Being a „least cost afficionado“, importing the correct models was way out of the line. So I aquired two Southern Pacific cars that got a first layer of paint to match the VIA Rail scheme a bit better and I decided to recreate a VIA Rail Park Car for this train as a 3D-model. These will eventually form my fictional or freelanced „Bear River Explorer“ Train (Prince George to Stewart).

F40PH Locomotive

F40PH-2 VIA Rail #6425

This engine is now equipped with a simple decoder from China (LaisDCC PanGu Series (2 Function Outputs used for directional Lighting).

VIA Rail Passenger Cars

VIA Rails Canada „Glacier Park“ Dome Sleeper



Roomette Bistro
Dome Sleeper
3D Printer Park Car
The Skeena waiting at Meziadin Junction for its bi-weekly cruise to Steward, BC.
The „Bear River Explorer“ waiting at Meziadin Junction (Trainz T:ANE screenshot of my virtual layout)