Workshop – Broken Die-Cast-Chassis (Alco RSD-4/5)

The model with the rebuild chassis

A good year ago I bought an older Atlas HO model in the bay. The broken frame was also part of the item description. When I unpacked and disassembled it, I thought: „Look, both front struts were broken off.“ After a brief functional test, the model went into the drawer.

Today I picked up the model again. When I removed the shell, the chassis fell apart in my hand. I tried to fix the crumbs with superglue, but I don’t think the frame will be used again. Another use for a 3D printer. More on that later.

Update 24 May 2024

I finally came around to work on this project and fabricated the replacement chassis for the loco. So far it’s looking good and all the parts, especially the truck fixtures seem to fit fine.

This photo shows the engine with the 6th iteration of the 3D printed chassis. The latest and hopefully last iteration is printing at this very moment.

More news when I come around to putting a decoder into the engine.