New Look for

One might say: Just another WordPress website. How incredibly creative. And the irony in that statement would register as being perfectly acceptable in the point of view of the author.

Well. The purpose of this website is not representation of ingenious design, but to portrait a model railroad. The previous Joomla – or more precisely Mambo – website was plain old and a pain to maintain. Numerous spam bot registrations over the last few month have finally led to the decision to scrap the old page and start all over.

The same basic fate will eventually discontinue our CNMR project website, as soon as the English articles over there are translated into German. The reason for discontinuing the website are age and security related problems.

Both websites used to sport a community forum with in both cases didn’t see any notable use. Forum entries will be included as blog articles within the new site, which will not offer any forum without true demand for such a place.

Have fun